Air Consolidator

Jade Tours' air consolidator division has officially rebranded its name to Air Booking Center since Jan. 27, 2016.  
Jade Tours remains the same and this division will continue to offer tour products from the offices in Canada.  
Air Booking Center is one of the largest air consolidator in Canada and represent over 140 airlines in the world including :


Dedicated Service

Jade Tours serves Canada as air consolidator since 1976.  With the mature corporate and wholesale businesses, together with the expanding retail services, Jade Travel has established a strong brand and extensive network in travel business.
To provide professional services to customers, Jade Travel consists of two particular segments: Air Booking Center to serve corporate customers, while Jade Tours targets at retail and tour customers. Jade Travel has been working closely with leading domestic and international online travel portals and extending its product offerings to provide featured and personalised travel packages, to meet the increasing demand for leisure travel.

Ticket Fulfillment Service

Order your customer’s tickets in your fingertip with competitive pricing by the following channels :

  • Email to :

  • Call us at 416-299-3333 or Toll free 1-800-387-0387

  • PNR Transfer to ABC GDS PCCs

Global Distribution System

ABC operates wide range of GDS and support agencies in every aspect.

PNR transfer to ABC for ticket issuance :
Apollo (1V) : QEP/22XK  
                     (ABC YYZ PCC is 22XK)
                     (ABC YVR PCC is X37)

Amadeus (1A) : ES/GYYZC42104-B  
                          (ABC YYZ PCC is YYZC42104)
                          (ABC YVR PCC is YVRC4211X)

Galileo (1G) : QEB/8T0E (eight T zero E)  
                     (ABC YYZ PCC is 8T0E)
                     (ABC YVR PCC is 8T4W)
Sabre (1S) : 6[x]TA/M1E9  
                   (ABC YYZ PCC is M1E9)
                   (ABC YVR PCC is 0M79)

Travelsky (1E) : Email to
                         (ABC PCC is YYZ111)

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Contact Us

Air Booking Center Support Team Office Hours
Monday - Friday : 9:30am  - 7:00pm EST
Saturday : 10:00am - 2:00pm EST
Sunday & Holidays : Closed
Email :
In order to retrieve your email request effectively,
Please put GDS & RLOC at Email Subject Line.
For Example : <SUBJECT> :  Apollo-DL32LF   or  1V-DL32LF

24/7 Global Emergency Support for
any ticketing deadline, Fare expiry during non-office hours & weekend…
Please kindly email to :

If not an urgent case, your case will be handled in next business day


Email :
Phone : 416-299-3333
Toll-free : 1-800-387-0387

Address : Unit 101, 50 West Wilmot Street,
                  Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 1M5

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